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eFoils Repair and service

Your official Service Center

Authorised & Certified

Repair Center

Warranty, repairs, preventive maintenance, updates, refurbishment, storage.

The fastest, the easiest and the cheapest way to get your eFoil fixed & Stored anywhere in Europe.

Fliteboard Repairs


Waydoo Repairs


Across Europe

79€ Shipping Fee

Whether you are in the South of France, Italy, Germany or anywhere across the Mediterranean, you are a Flat Rate away from getting your eFoil to us for repairs or maintenance.

Faster and cheaper than your local repair center.

Water Toys experience a lot of wear and tear during heavy use and due to the constant exposure to the unforgiving elements of the sun, water and salt.

Therefore, alongside renting and selling Water Toys, onAqua offers various preventive maintenance and support services to Water Toy owners and Yacht charter operators to ensure that your toys are always operational and in excellent condition.


Available around the clock


Available around the clock

Send us your eFoil for repair or maintanance, or get a certified specialist to carry a repair on board your Yacht. Anytime. Anywhere.

Onboard Repairs?

The Mediterranean.
The Caribbean.

Get a Certified specialist technician to carry out the repairs on-board

Service Centers

Certified Repair Centers & Mobile Deployment Team

Strategically positioned Certified Repair centers all over Europe in vicinity of Refit Shipyards and Yachting hubs, give you the convenience to drop off your eFoil in person or let us arrange collection and delivery.

eFoil certified repairs are performed by trusted experts who use genuine eFoil parts. Whichever option you choose, you will get your item back wherever you are in excellent condition.

We are here to help across Europe and the Mediterranean.


Where is your service centre located?

eFoil Greece has 3 service centers that repair Fliteboards and Waydoos. They are located in:

– Athens, Greece

– Elefsina, Greece

– Limassol, Cyprus

We also have mobile service deployment team to ensure repair on-board and around the globe.

Can you repair eFoils on-board?

Yes. We can arrange repairs for eFoils on-board your vessel.

Preparing for eFoil on-board repair appointment?

GETTING READY: With remote diagnostics, we can pre-diagnose repairs and order parts to prepare for the appointment. Our Service team may contact you before your appointment to gather additional information about your eFoil fault.

ESTIMATE: Our technical team will prepare you the estimate, based on remote diagnostics and send it to you for approval.

REPAIRS: Service centre will get in contact with you, to schedule day and time for repair on-board.

Which areas do you cover?

Our services for eFoils are extending to Spain, France, Italy, Croatia, Montenegro, Greece as also the Caribbean.

If you are traveling on remote areas, we are able to deploy our mobile repair team across the world.

Are you qualified repair centre for Fliteboard & Waydoos?

Yes. All technicians were professionally trained and certified by production team.

How long does it take to repair my Waydoo or Fliteboard?

All repairs are done in the fastest possible time.
Waydoos and Fliteboards are fixed consecutively as they come in.

For critical equipment, where repair time is crucial, we recommend to subscribe to one of our care packages.

Are you able to carry out warranty repairs?

We are authorised to perform warranty repairs for Waydoo & Fliteboard.

How do I report a problem with my Waydoo or Fliteboard?

Get your item information ready and fill repair request > or give us a call.

Can I get Waydoo / Fliteboard replacement during repairs?

You are able to get replacement Waydoo or Fliteboard during time, yours is being serviced.

Get in touch with our rental team or subscribe for care package.

How should I pack my Waydoo or Fliteboard to ship it to you?

– Wrap your Waydoo / Fliteboard in bubble wrap and cardboard. – Equip it with a label “Fragile – handle with care”. *To ensure shipping rate, make sure that the package doesn’t exceed measurements 120x60x50 cm

– Let us know if you want us to send you the transportation box.

Can I get a technician's repair report?

Technician’s reports are available upon request for items that are repaired and returned to you.

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